Commercial Services

At the heart of VSV, we understand the economics of the dynamic shipping industry and it’s demanding needs.

Placing commercial operations at the very heart of our services – our team aims to ensure that all trading vessels under our Commercial management we SEE to run it - Safely, Economically and Efficiently.

Our commercial management services – are offered to clients - for planning, execution and monitoring of efficient day to day vessel operations – thus enhancing efficiency of vessel’s safety, time management & cost effectiveness.

Our day-to-day operations activities are coordinated in the following order:

  • Drafting of a voyage estimate for smooth execution of the voyage under the charter.
  • Fixing of Vessel and advance planning for execution of the safe voyage according to the agreed charter party.
  • Estimation of onboard bunkers and forecasting the requirement of the same for the upcoming voyage.
  • Supplying the bunkers to vessel at the best prices as per the market trends & as per owner’s requirements.
  • Appointing of Vessel’s agency at most competitive terms, conditions and costing.
  • Advising vessel of the voyage orders
  • Monitoring progress of the vessel at sea and port – thus ensuring smooth turnaround.
  • Estimation of onboard cleaning equipment and chemicals and forecasting the requirement of the same for the upcoming voyage.
  • Supply of tank cleaning equipment, chemicals & other resources as per the specific requirements of the voyage.
  • Advising vessel on tank cleaning, hold cleaning and preparation for cargo readiness at load port.
  • Monitor, Calculate and analyze the performance of vessel at sea and in port.
  • Analyze the Statement of Facts (SOF) or Time sheet for each port call.
  • Calculation of Lay time, demurrage & despatch as per agreed charter party terms and conditions.
  • Monitor Off-hires, if any & ensure follow up for settlement of claims.
  • Follow-up on cargo claims and issues arising during the voyage.
  • Monitor SIRE/CDI Vetting inspection status along with approval & compliances.
  • Monitoring & recording of Key Performance Indices (KPI) as agreed with Clients.
  • Provision of comprehensive Half-yearly and Annual Performance reports.
  • Maintain complete voyage documentation & variance report for each vessel.

Further to the above constant co-ordination and correspondence on a daily basis with Clients, Agents, Vessels and vendors allows us to monitor the plan which is formulated and take corrective action well in advance in case of any change of conditions or circumstances.

Our In-house Accounting procedures ensure the following for each voyage:

  • Appointment and follow-up with Port Agents.
  • Estimation of total voyage cost
  • Verifying Final Disbursement Accounts against the relevant Port Tariffs
  • Time bound follow-up and settlement of Final Disbursement Accounts
  • Ensuring timely payments and maintenance of relevant records.

At VSV, we believe that Freight is a game changer in any trade. With prevailing transparency around the world commodity markets - profit margins in trade transactions can be improvised by soliciting a very competitive freight.

We believe that freight is a commodity & hence by utilising our technical background – we can offer most competitive freight & logistics solutions in a wide range of commodities ranging from Dry to Wet & from ODC to specialised cargoes like Gas.

At VSV, we can also offer tailor made logistical solutions basis spot cargoes, contract cargoes or long term contractual carriage requirements.

Our team is always striving to improvise returns on our clients existing trading pattern by providing realistic & logical solutions.

We can also provide hedging solutions by assisting clients to enter into FFA (Forward Freight Agreements) thus imparting immunity to global market volatility.

At VSV, Customer centric Agency services are at the heart of our business vision. Having local expertise and channel partners in Indian Sub-continent especially – western coast & southern coast of India – we can handle full agency & husbandry services.

Our understanding of Shipping business has an edge over market study & whether it is vessel, crew, cargo or cash – we can cater to all types of agency services for vessel and the crew.

If any workshop or third attendance is required during vessel’s call – our team strives to complete the operations promptly.

As a core competency of providing logistics solutions – our team at VSV, believes in supporting clients for the constant flow of materials and goods around the world and are with them every step of the way.

We have dedicated trade and commodities teams across our network which caters to working on the full range of the commodity markets – hard and soft commodities, oil and energy, futures and derivatives.

In addition to standard trading matters, these include hedging, freight trading/freight derivatives and risk management. We also advise on sovereign immunity issues, sanctions, bilateral investment treaties and WTO regulations.

At VSV, our team can facilitate new buildings, second hand and sales of all ship types including Bulk carriers, Tankers, Containerships, MPP’s and Gas Carriers.

This division is involved in Broking as well as Project Development for our clients who need to buy or sell a ship for onward trading or demolition at Indian Scrap Yards. We assist Indian and foreign owners in sale and purchase of new building or second-hand tonnage as well as sale of their existing tonnage.

Having good relations with Indian Ship Breakers we are active in sales of foreign flag vessels intended for demolition.

Our services to entrepreneurs wanting to diversify into ship owning include:

  • Commercial & technical know-how
  • Vessel acquisition project reports as well as liaison with ship yards for new buildings
  • Processing of project licenses, etc.
  • Project financing
  • Earmarking suitable tonnage & final purchase contract documentation
  • Arranging future employment / long term contracts for the new acquisition