Technical Services

At VSV, team of experienced Master Mariners & Chief Engineers – are fully trained and competent to carry out Internal ISM/ISPS/Navigational audits for Ship owners / managers / technical operators in line with the Industry standards and best practices.

Our nominated Inspectors, visit the vessel and depending on the clients requirements – carry out an in-depth Audit and provide risk management solutions.

Every vessel visited gets audited for total compliance with the existing regulations relating to ISM Code, ISPS Code & Best Navigation Practices.

Interviews with the shipboard staff and boat/fire drill are also conducted to evaluate the overall performance of the crew and their awareness to safety and security procedures and special attention is provided for bridge team/bridge resource management.

Our Inspector is also qualified to provide training to navigating officers in key features like navigating in coastal waters/restricted visibility/master/pilot information exchange etc.

On successful completion of the audit, the Master is made aware of any non-conformities or observations arising out of the inspection.

Corrective actions advised to the Master, are always in line with the best industry practices but always under the scope of Organization’s ISM Structure.

These audits help our clients in understanding the issues involved with onboard implementation of its policies and help the shipboard staff to be better equipped for external audits.

At VSV, we strongly believe is that a good preparation is an essential tool to clear any SIRE & CDI inspections.

Backed by adequate knowledge of the functioning of shore based technical support and onboard service experience – our team of Prevetting Inspectors, ensure that a thorough gap analysis is carried out onboard which thus assists in maintaining a low observation score in the SIRE/CDI database.

Having a pool of Inspectors – which have in depth knowledge of the type of the vessel – along with adequate training to in turn train the ship board staff in identifying the human error or negligence and give a thorough understanding under the scope of the SIRE & CDI guidelines.

VSV also promotes working in sync with the quality systems of its clients and can also assist in management of change solutions thus elevating the standards set for onboard inspections and achieve a good KPI score.

On successful completion of the Inspection – our team carefully carries out an analysis of each observation and assists with comments to the shore based vetting & QHSE team to identify the Root Cause analysis, corrective actions and long term preventive actions.

At VSV, Clients are offered a comprehensive Ship Evaluation Services by means of a Pre Purchase Inspection.

In keeping with our core values – our experts have keen knowledge, experience and skills to evaluate the condition of a prospective asset for which is under consideration for purchase or hire.

The Ship condition evaluation report – covers all the areas of significant importance – which can prove to be a useful tool for constructive negotiation and profitability.

The Ship Condition evaluation report – consists of photographs with a minimum of the following areas along with an executive summary and a brief written description:

  • The Hull, Deck areas, superstructure and accommodation.
  • Main Engines, Auxiliary Engines and all other associated machinery.
  • The condition of mooring equipment and onboard safety equipment.
  • The cargo handling system including inert gas plant, LPG compressor rooms and associated machinery, electrical equipment and instrumentation.
  • The Wheelhouse and status, make, model of all equipment and its functionality.
  • Vessel’s spare outfit and spare gear.
  • The standard and status of vessel’s maintenance.
  • The condition of cargo spaces, ballast spaces, void spaces, cofferdams and other inaccessible areas – whenever applicable.

The main goal of the Ship Condition Evaluation Report is to enable the prospect client to fully assess the overall condition of the subject asset, evaluate its costs and consider its future in the client’s fleet.

As it is rightly said – “If safety is expensive, try an accident” – we at VSV, strongly believe that training is a continuous effort which if carried out in an effective and structured manner – adds value to an Organization’s profile by benefitting them in various ways like:

  • Skilled Human Resource
  • Effective Process management
  • Reduced Down time
  • Effective Loss prevention
  • Enhanced control of Operations.

At VSV, our trained onboard Inspectors carry out a wide variety of trainings related to various aspects of Shipping like:

  • Safety Management.
  • Security Training & Management.
  • MLC Compliance.
  • Effective clearance of PSC.
  • Environmental Management.
  • Bridge Navigation techniques.
  • Heavy weather handling of Vessel.
  • Tank cleaning and tanker process.

We also assist our clients in identifying the best training practices for onboard marine use – within the prescribed budgets employing use of various electronic media in form of computer based electronic training, digital video based training techniques and as with advancement of computer system – a comprehensive digital 3D virtual training programme – which also maintain a centralize database for individual training needs.

As with advanced compliances, ensuring conversion of vessels from Paper chart based navigation to electronic navigation using different types of Electronic chart navigation and information systems, shortly described as “ECDIS” – is also a part of portfolio of services offered at VSV.

We can assist in identifying the best equipment suited for the vessel, keeping in mind – its long term service requirements, comparison of various available market resources – with respect to costing, availability of spares, training needs, global access to training of the equipment, maintaining an MIS outfit of the client’s onboard systems and remote troubleshooting assistance from its makers.

Effective onboard training is also rendered which is always in line with the manufacturer’s instructions along with routine updates by means of our onboard trainers – who are experienced in use of the equipment for actual navigation.

At VSV, time is considered to be an important function of value. In this regard – we believe that during takeover or delivery of any maritime asset – quick turnaround is very much essential.

We have a team of well qualified and experienced shore based and onboard team which can assist in smooth and quick takeover for a new asset or a yard delivery.

This takeover team – expedites the onboard implementation of all types of Quality / Security / Safety systems onboard.

The team also prepares the vessel for the initial ISM / ISPS / CLASS Audit / Flag state inspection and all statutory surveys by training onboard staff for drills, basic interviews, safety equipment training and familiarisation.

The main goal of the service remains to ensure vessel readiness for all types of - External inspections and trading in shortest possible time in an efficient and well planned manner.

For demolition voyage – it is crucial for the clients to ensure quick dispatch of the marine asset to the demo location.

Also specialized requirements for demo voyage includes, providing specialized team who have experience in handling problems associated with assets going for demolition.

VSV has a team of experienced master mariners and chief engineers, who hail from technical management backgrounds. Having worked in some of the reputed management companies – we can organize and assist to prepare the Office for various flag state based DOC audits.

We also specialize in coordination and successful clearance of TMSA Audits for Tank vessel operators, owners and managers.

For the purpose of clearance of audits – our team first visits the client’s offices and carries out a gap analysis giving recommendations to fill in the gaps.

Once the gaps have been filled – a re-audit session is held to verify the completion of corrective actions and then external auditors are invited for the final audit.

At VSV, we offer services of technical nature for the Ship repairs, dry docking, new building supervision and consolidated project management for new asset acquisitions.

Our Technical team consists of experts who have years of consolidated experience in providing accurate and cost effective technical solutions.

We have a team of qualified fitters, experienced fabricators, certified welders, skilled riggers and painters who can form a quick riding squad in short time to board the vessels and execute the job assigned after undergoing the scope familiarisation by shore based support.

We also provide services related to overhaul of machinery jobs like - generator installation and commissioning, routine engine overhauls, hydraulic equipment installation, commissioning and repairs, turbocharger overhaul, crankshaft alignment and bridge equipment installation.

Our team of experts can be deployed on board at short notice. Depending on the scope of work and workforce needed, we can vary the team structure and tenure on board suitable to client’s requirements.

We also offer ship building project management services along with site supervision. From laying of keel to final delivery after trials, the supervision is done by qualified and highly experienced shipbuilding engineers and naval architects.

We formulate a project team as per client’s requirements and can provide a team comprising of Hull specialist, Piping Engineer, Paint Coating Advisor and Electrical Engineer. This team further advises clients as follows:

  • Assist for yard selection / short listing after initial offers.
  • Conduct Yard feasibility study.
  • Get approval of Plans (Structural / Piping / Mechanical / Electrical).
  • Formulate Site Supervision Team.
  • Liaison with yard and classification societies.
  • Process and provide Daily, Weekly & monthly progress reports to client.
  • Complete In-coming material inspection at yard to client’s satisfaction.
  • Witness shop test trials at manufactures / vendors premises.
  • Participate in all shipboard equipment testing, installation, & commissioning.
  • Participate in all scheduled tests and operational trials to client’s satisfaction.
  • Arrange for the familiarization of the crew with the systems and plants of the vessel and equipment installed as required by the owners.
  • After trial, recommend which machinery and / or equipment should be opened for post-trial examination and note any defects for rectification.
  • Upon completion of the construction work, ensure that all necessary documentation is delivered by the builder to the owners along with any required hull and machinery material or equipment valid certificates and manufacturer records, quay trial and sea trials reports.