About Us

At VSV Marine Management, we do business of providing world class marine consultancy services to our clients globally.

Through our technical and commercial expertise, human resource & experience – we have the capabilities with commitment to actively support our clients, provide value addition to the marine logistics chain and deliver safe, efficient marine consultancy services to our valued customers.

We provide to our customers, a niche and highest level of professional services in the form of:

  • Technical Audits – ISM/ISPS/MLC/ISO/Navigation
  • Pre Vetting SIRE Inspections
  • Pre Vetting CDI Inspections
  • Pre Purchase Inspections
  • ECDIS Management & Onboard training
  • Vessel takeover – Yard delivery.
  • Demolition voyage management
  • Office DOC Audits, TMSA Audits & Gap Analysis.
  • Ship construction.
  • Ship Repairs.
  • New building supervision.
  • Pre fixture operations.
  • Post fixture operations.
  • Commercial Management.
  • Ship’s agency with technical supplies.
  • Commodity Broking & Freight Broking.
  • Ship Sale & Purchase.


  • VSV Marine Management is on a mission to provide innovative global maritime services for its clients worldwide & endeavors to add value to the portfolio of its clients.
  • VSV Marine Management is always committed to deliver its best professional services in concurrence with industry best practices.
  • VSV Marine Management commits to walk the extra mile by placing customer satisfaction at its top priority always keeping a proactive approach towards its own corporate social responsibility and global environment.


  • VSV’s vision is to be a globally admired leader in the maritime services fraternity.
  • VSV’s vision is to become competitive globally by internal consolidation.
  • VSV’s vision is to become a conscious industry player & give back to the maritime fraternity the values of teamwork, integrity, innovation & transparency by our in-house mentored human resource.


  • VSV’s goal is to provide the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.
  • VSV’s goal is to always deliver on our commitments.
  • VSV’s goal is to always have excellence as an attitude and not as a skill.

Company Health, Safety & Quality Performance Policy

In pursuit of highest level of customer service and satisfaction, VSV Marine Management is always committed to the highest standards of health, safety & quality performance in the global maritime services arena.

To fulfill this commitment, we will always:

  • Provide a safe working environment, with a goal of eliminating any kind of accidents;
  • Provide our services to the standards which meets or exceeds the most demanding criteria set by our customers;
  • Establish and regularly review our maritime industry specific business model;
  • Encourage active leadership, open communication and continuous improvement within the organization and maritime fraternity;
  • Hold every employee and channel partner accountable for their own personal safety and social responsibility;
  • Develop role clarity, build trust, celebrate success & acknowledge mistakes within the organization;
  • Be in hot pursuit to provide top quality services and performance to our customers.”